Sara Latham & Emmy Rigali believe in & have experienced 1st-hand the positive effects of cryotherapy.

They opened The CryoBar to bring the amazing benefits to fellow Chicagoans. Sara was diagnosed with a hypothyroid in December of 2013 & osteoarthritis in January of 2015. At the recommendation of Emmy, Sara began doing whole body cryotherapy in September of 2015 for inflammation & joint pain relief. Sara, who had gained 16lbs after her thyroid issue, began losing weight & had increased energy after each whole body session. Now, she is off all her anti-inflammatory meds, has lost all 16lbs, and can wear her original wedding ring again, after 7 years of inflammation in her hands. Cryotherapy has truly given her her quality of life back. Emmy has been in the athletic industry for decades. Owner of both GO Cycle and GO Row, she is constantly pushing her body to new athletic limits. Cryotherapy allows Emmy to perform at top athletic levels, daily.