Sara Latham believes in and has experienced 1st-hand the positive effects of cryotherapy before she became a cryotherapy owner.

Sara opened The CryoBar to bring the amazing benefits of cryotherapy to her neighbors and friends in Lincoln Park and around Chicago. After over a decade of intense inflammation and arthritis issues, dual hip surgeries, multiple foot surgeries and finally a hypothyroid issue, Sara was miserable and ready for relief beyond all the medications and doctors. At the recommendation of a friend, Sara began doing whole body cryotherapy for inflammation & joint pain relief. “I have to admit I was scared to death and hated the idea of being cold – I’m cold all the time and live in Chicago, so why in the world would I intentionally get into a human freezer?” Sara was only in the Cryosauna for 2 minutes her first treatment, truly more because of nerves than the actual cold of the machine. “When I got out, my body immediately started warming up and I did feel the endorphin high they had told me about. And that night, I slept like a baby, which was not my norm.” Sara, who had gained 16lbs two years prior in just 4 months due to her thyroid issue, began losing weight and had increased energy after each whole body session. Now, she is off all her anti-inflammatory meds, has lost all 16lbs, and can wear her original wedding ring again, after 7 years of inflammation in her hands. Cryotherapy has truly given her her quality of life back.  Cryotherapy also allows Sara to workout regularly without pain and soreness throughout her body.