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About The Cryobar

Meet the Founder

The CryoBar was founded by Sara Latham in 2016 after experiencing first-hand the benefits of cryotherapy in treating her aches and pains caused by osteoarthritis as well the side effects of a hypothyroid. Having received degrees in Finance and Economics from Southern Methodist University, Sara worked as an Oil and Gas Analyst and in Capital Markets at JPMorgan Chase. Coupling this with her time as a Marketing and Project Director for a local celebrity chef’s food company, she is experienced and well-equipped to tackle the obstacles that come with running a small business. After over a decade of intense inflammatory issues, gaining 16lbs due to thyroid failure and multiple surgeries, Sara was miserable and ready for relief outside of doctors and traditional medications. At the recommendation of a friend, she began doing Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments and was amazed at how quickly she felt all of the positive effects of cryotherapy. Sara immediately felt an increase in her energy and began to lose the weight she had gained. Sara is now off all anti-inflammatory medications, is able to keep up with her three active boys and is able to wear her original wedding ring again after years of inflammation in her hands. Cryotherapy has truly given Sara her life back and allows her to regularly workout without pain and soreness in her body. Her hope is that through opening The CryoBar she can educate people on all of the amazing benefits of cryotherapy beyond the athletic recovery aspect that it is becoming increasingly popular for.

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