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  • How Below-Zero Temperatures Transform Your Health: A Simple Guide to Cryotherapy

    How Below-Zero Temperatures Transform Your Health: A Simple Guide to Cryotherapy

    Chances are, you’ve already heard about cryotherapy somewhere else on the internet or in the news. Stars like Jennifer Aniston, Mark Wahlberg, and even athletes like Steph Curry have been raving about it. But… What exactly is cryotherapy? How does cryotherapy work? What does cryotherapy do? How cold does cryotherapy get? Of course, you ...
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  • 9 Shocking Effects of Inflammation on Your Immune System

    9 Shocking Effects of Inflammation on Your Immune System

    Have you ever been stung by a bee? The wound becomes red and swollen, sometimes developing a pustule. It is hot to the touch, itchy, and undoubtedly painful. These are all symptoms of acute inflammation. Acute inflammation occurs as a way of healing wounds or reacting to foreign entities in the body. It is short-lived ...
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  • The Cryo Experience: What to Know Before Your First Freeze

    The Cryo Experience: What to Know Before Your First Freeze

    The CryoBar, Bucktown Have you been curious about stepping into the chill, but are not sure if cryotherapy would be right for you? Some things you might want to consider include the benefits of cryotherapy and what a cryotherapy session feels like, as well as some things that may inhibit one from doing whole body ...
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  • May 2019 Chiller:  Kip

    May 2019 Chiller: Kip

    Wow! First ever 2 time COTM. I feel like Tiger winning another major at The Masters a few weeks ago. In all seriousness my Cryo Commitment, which started exactly 2 years ago, is as strong as ever. I sleep more soundly, recover from work outs faster and minor aches and pains seem to melt ...
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  • April 2019 Chiller:  Colleen

    April 2019 Chiller: Colleen

    I have been coming to The CryoBar for over 2 years now! I have severe inflammation and swelling from sitting at a desk all day at work. Doing cryotherapy consistently over the last few years has helped me manage this swelling, as well as alleviated any aches and pains I get from my usual Pilates ...
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  • March 2019 Chiller:  Bobby

    March 2019 Chiller: Bobby

    Back in November, I began noticing that I was becoming more lethargic, despite getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising.
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  • February 2019 Chiller:  Laura H

    February 2019 Chiller: Laura H

    I’d like to make one thing very clear: I don’t like being cold.  Furthermore, the only place I’ve historically wanted to see billowing plumes of white gas is at the feet of a lead guitarist on a concert stage. However, between regular yoga classes, circuit training, and indoor cycling at SALT Bucktown where I’m training to ...
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  • January 2019 Chiller: Babak

    January 2019 Chiller: Babak

    As an athlete, I run 200+ miles per month and more than 50 races per year. My training and racing schedule can take a toll on my body and actively recovering becomes essential to my training regimen. Cryotherapy is part of my daily recovery routine. It’s a quick and easy way to get the benefits ...
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  • December 2018 Chiller: Lauren

    December 2018 Chiller: Lauren

    I was a life-long runner until I had a kid. And then I had a second one. It took me a while, but I eventually got back into it. I was working out 6 days a week, finally back into my pre-parenting running routine when SNAP – there went my hamstring. A friend told me to give Cryo a try and I’ve been chilling almost every day since. Not only was I ...
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  • November 2018 Chiller: Kelli

    November 2018 Chiller: Kelli

    My experience with Cryotherapy began last summer when I was in a pretty awful Vespa accident. Fortunately, there were no broken bones, but my entire right side was bruised and swollen. The day after my accident I could barely walk. I’ll quickly summarize by saying that if it hadn’t been for Cryo, I would not ...
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