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  • How Below-Zero Temperatures Transform Your Health: A Simple Guide to Cryotherapy

    How Below-Zero Temperatures Transform Your Health: A Simple Guide to Cryotherapy

    Chances are, you’ve already heard about cryotherapy somewhere else on the internet or in the news. Stars like Jennifer Aniston, Mark Wahlberg, and even athletes like Steph Curry have been raving about it. But… What exactly is cryotherapy? How does cryotherapy work? What does cryotherapy do? How cold does cryotherapy get? Of course, you ...
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  • October 2018 Chiller: Warner

    October 2018 Chiller: Warner

    I’ve been an athlete all my life! I played basketball for over 30 years but had to quit a few years ago because of major foot and ankle problems as well as bone spurs and arthritis. I haven’t been able to run in 5 years and I would get cortizone shots in my ankles every ...
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  • September 2018 Chiller: Roberta

    September 2018 Chiller: Roberta

    I‘ve always been an avid exerciser, even when my body tells me to take it easy. When I learned about cryotherapy, I knew I had to try it for myself. When I was running marathons, I was fairly religious about doing ice baths, so I was aware of the benefits.  As painful as they were, ...
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  • August 2018 Chiller: Kelly

    August 2018 Chiller: Kelly

    I had been curious about Cryotherapy for some time and am so happy I tried it out! It definitely lives up to the hype! I have been trying to get in shape for my wedding and Cryotherapy has become a part of my regular routine. I truly miss it if I’m not able to fit ...
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  • July 2018 Chiller: Tom

    July 2018 Chiller: Tom

    I am honored to be the July Chiller of the Month. This is one of my proudest moments.  I thought I was “chill” before, but The CryoBar has taken me to a new level.  Since beginning my Cryo journey in January 2018, I’ve been a daily chiller, experiencing consistent reductions in muscle soreness, pain, inflammation ...
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  • June 2018 Chiller: Julie

    June 2018 Chiller: Julie

    I’ve been going to The CryoBar for over a year now, and I just love it! The staff members are super friendly and make me feel like I’m part of The CryoBar family. Cryotherapy is amazing for my mood, my pain level, sleep, and any inflammation I might have. When I go on vacation and I ...
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  • May 2018 Chiller: Michele

    May 2018 Chiller: Michele

    I had wanted to try cryotherapy for awhile but there was nothing nearby. When we moved to the city last summer, my husband and I saw The CryoBar while walking our dogs. I tried it a few times, but very inconsistently. For Christmas, my husband gave me a one month membership and I started coming around ...
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  • April 2018 Chiller: Colin

    April 2018 Chiller: Colin

    Six months ago, I skeptically tried a WholeBody Chill, not expecting to see many results, but man was I surprised. Today, I cannot imagine what I would do without The CryoBar! I committed to going a few times a week and noticed that my post workout pain was diminishing. A minor leg injury that had ...
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  • March 2018 Chiller: Carol

    March 2018 Chiller: Carol

    Our March 2018 Chiller of the Month: Carol Here’s how cryotherapy helped Carol: Cryotherapy is amazing—I tell everyone! I have been going to The CryoBar for a year and a half. It has made a difference in my muscle recovery, joints, and overall life attitude! I am very active— I have been a runner for the last ...
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  • February Chiller 2018: Frank

    February Chiller 2018: Frank

    Our February 2018 Chiller of the Month: Frank I’m someone that enjoys high intensity exercise and with that comes the need for recovery. When I saw The Cryobar open two years ago, I knew I had to give it a try. Little did I know it would become an integral part of my recovery and wellness program. ...
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  • January 2018 Chiller: Cynthia

    January 2018 Chiller: Cynthia

    My daughter gave me a gift certificate to The CryoBar for my birthday last June. Molly knows me well and knows how I love to try new and different ways to stay energized and healthy. I was hooked on “freezing” from my very first time. Despite years of exercise and my triathlon history, I’ve been fortunate ...
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