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  • How Below-Zero Temperatures Transform Your Health: A Simple Guide to Cryotherapy

    How Below-Zero Temperatures Transform Your Health: A Simple Guide to Cryotherapy

    Chances are, you’ve already heard about cryotherapy somewhere else on the internet or in the news. Stars like Jennifer Aniston, Mark Wahlberg, and even athletes like Steph Curry have been raving about it. But… What exactly is cryotherapy? How does cryotherapy work? What does cryotherapy do? How cold does cryotherapy get? Of course, you want to know ...
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  • March 2018 Chiller: Carol

    March 2018 Chiller: Carol

    Our March 2018 Chiller of the Month: Carol Here’s how cryotherapy helped Carol: Cryotherapy is amazing—I tell everyone! I have been going to The CryoBar for a year and a half. It has made a difference in my muscle recovery, joints, and overall life attitude! I am very active— I have been a runner for the last ...
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  • February Chiller 2018: Frank

    February Chiller 2018: Frank

    Our February 2018 Chiller of the Month: Frank I’m someone that enjoys high intensity exercise and with that comes the need for recovery. When I saw The Cryobar open two years ago, I knew I had to give it a try. Little did I know it would become an integral part of my recovery and wellness program. ...
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  • January 2018 Chiller: Cynthia

    January 2018 Chiller: Cynthia

    My daughter gave me a gift certificate to The CryoBar for my birthday last June. Molly knows me well and knows how I love to try new and different ways to stay energized and healthy. I was hooked on “freezing” from my very first time. Despite years of exercise and my triathlon history, I’ve been fortunate ...
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  • December 2017 Chiller: Erin

    December 2017 Chiller: Erin

    I started going to The Cryobar about a year and a half ago and it changed my life. I walked in and tried it out after having tennis elbow. I previously tried steroid shots, physical therapy, and acupuncture. I discovered the most effective treatment was my regular visits to The Cryobar. The CryoBar has become part ...
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  • November 2017 Chiller: Angela

    November 2017 Chiller: Angela

      CHILLER OF THE MONTH: ANGELA Here’s how Cryotherapy has helped Angela! I started Cryofreezing in San Diego in 2015. I fell in love with the endorphin release as well as how it relieves my chronic hand pain and any workout soreness. I waited for the right place to open up in Chicago and it was The CryoBar. I got the ...
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  • October 2017 Chiller: Heather

    October 2017 Chiller: Heather

    My introduction to Cyrotherapy was when I read an article about it in early 2017. The article talked all about the health benefits associated with Cryotherapy, like reduced inflammation, better sleep, and anti-aging to name a few. After reading that I was immediately interested. My first visit to The CryoBar was in April 2017 and ...
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  • September 2017 Chiller: Kip

    September 2017 Chiller: Kip

    The CryoBar has become part of my routine…..actually part of our routine. My wife Sarah is also a regular, and our daughter, Ferrill, gets a kick out of watching us chill. Since becoming “Cryo-Committed” 4 months ago, I feel and sleep better. Minor post work out aches and pains vanish after a chill. There is ...
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  • August 2017 Chiller: Brittany

    August 2017 Chiller: Brittany

    Cryotherapy has been a staple in my life for the past year and a half and I couldn’t be more grateful to have found this truly sensational spa! As a former competitive gymnast for 20 years of my life, I’ve had some pretty severe injuries that continuously cause pain. Now, as a fitness instructor at ...
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