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  • Orangeman Goes to The CryoBar

    DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS? Orangetheory Fitness is the STUDIO OF THE MONTH at The Cryobar! Which means all OTF members get 20% OFF a regularly priced cryo the ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH! Orangeman had to check it out… and he had an AMAZING time! Make sure to book your session today!
  • Cryotherapy: Freezing With Friends

    Cryotherapy is a process where the body is exposed to ultra-low temperatures ranging between -200°F and -256 °F. for a duration of 1:30 to 3 minutes. BURRR! Join Darnell, along with Gina & Neal, as they enter two different types of cryogenic chambers. Don’t be left out of the fun – book your own cryotherapy treatment ...
  • WGNtv Feature on The CryoBar & Cryotherapy

    WGNtv Feature on The CryoBar & Cryotherapy

      Marcus Leshock of WGNtv stopped by The CryoBar this week to check out all their is to know about cryotherapy. We walked him through the process, informed him about our benefits and overall were able to showcase our awesome experience. We were thrilled to host him and we can’t wait to host you!      

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