December Chiller of the Month: Erin

I started going to The Cryobar about a year and a half ago and it changed my life. I walked in and tried it out after having tennis elbow. I previously tried steroid shots, physical therapy, and acupuncture. I discovered the most effective treatment was my regular visits to The Cryobar.

The CryoBar has become part of my daily routine! I love the friendly staff and the welcoming environment. I love visiting with all of the girls that work there; it feels like a second home to me!! I play tennis and lift weights regularly and cryotherapy has sped up the recovery time between workouts and soothed muscle aches and pains after tough workouts. It’s also gives me a boost of energy to get me through my days.

Overall my health and energy levels have improved over the past year and cryotherapy has been a huge contributing factor. I even referred my husband shortly after I became a member and he is hooked now too. We are both members and Cryo-addicted!!

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