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First Time?

First Time?

The CryoBar is Chicago’s premier cryotherapy destination with locations in Lincoln Park, Bucktown, and West Loop. Locally owned and operated, the clients and communities we serve are our top priority. The CryoBar focuses on using the benefits of cryotherapy to aid in each client’s personal wellness and recovery journey. You can expect to be greeted by friendly, educated staff and leave feeling revitalized. With us, you’re family!

Before Cryotherapy

Come as you are – The CryoBar provides everything you need! Our staff will meet with you to discuss your goals and answer any questions to make sure that you are completely comfortable! We’ll have a bit of paperwork for you to complete just to establish any pre-existing conditions that may prevent you from using cryotherapy. After that, we will get you ready for treatment! In a private room, you will undress and remove any metal below the neck. For women, undergarments are optional unless there is metal in them. Men – dry underwear is non-negotiable. You’ll grab a robe and socks and meet us in the lounge!

During Cryotherapy

A staff member will assist you into the cryosauna. Your heart will start to beat faster and you will begin to take deeper breaths. Don’t worry – this is your body going into a natural fight or flight response. A staff member is there to discuss the “why” and talk to you about anything you need to get you through the chill.

After Cryotherapy

Before you know it, three minutes is up, and you will begin to feel the healing effects of cryotherapy. Your body will rapidly return to normal temperature – there is no downtime. You will leave feeling invigorated from a natural release of endorphins.

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