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How NBA Players Take Care of Their Bodies – Hoops Hype

Looking for an edge in your workouts? Why don’t you try what the pros are doing: Cryotherapy for recovery.

Players – and not just the high-paid superstars – are spending more money than ever on their body and trying all kinds of things that could potentially give them an edge. In recent years, one such treatment that’s become extremely popular is cryotherapy, which many athletes (including James) use regularly.

The treatment is simple: The athlete spends two-to-three minutes in the cryo chamber, which is set at a temperature of negative-250 degrees. They must wear protective gear (thick gloves, socks and sandals) so that the player’s fingers and toes are safe. It’s basically an upgrade over the cold tub; Philadelphia 76ers swingman Justin Anderson told HoopsHype that it’s 10 times better than the tub.

Cryotherapy speeds up injury recovery, relieves pain and soreness, reduces lactic acids, helps inflammation, decreases spasms, releases endorphins and improves range of motion (since it loosens muscles that were tight or sore, which is a common issue for NBA players as they go through a rigorous 82-game season).

Source: Hoops Hype

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