January Chiller of the Month: Cynthia

My daughter gave me a gift certificate to The CryoBar for my birthday last June. Molly knows me well and knows how I love to try new and different ways to stay energized and healthy.

I was hooked on “freezing” from my very first time. Despite years of exercise and my triathlon history, I’ve been fortunate with no injuries nor major health issues. I’ve also practiced yoga forever which I feel contributes to staying well. Cryotherapy, however, is a wonderful addition to my routine. It is a proactive and preventive measure in staying healthy.

In reading about the benefits, it had me at “weight-loss” and “increased metabolism.” I also enjoy the facials and targeted treatments, and plan to spend time in the sauna this winter.

Bottom line: I love how I feel after just 3 minutes of “freezing.” No matter what kind of day I’m having, stopping by The CryoBar is a definite shot of positive energy.

Everyone who works at the studio is wonderful, knowledgeable, and provides a cheerful welcome every time I walk through the door. Lincoln Park is very fortunate to have The CryoBar in the neighborhood and I hope others have a chance to experience it in the New Year❄❤

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