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Over the Moon: Should You Try Cryotherapy Before Your Wedding?

After a few years on the mainstream market, the buzz around cryotherapy has amplified to a level that actresses like Jennifer Aniston praise the power of subzero cryofacials and models like Gigi Hadid openly prep for Victoria’s Secret runways with trips to the cryochamber. Touting results like decreased inflammation, increased energy and mood, and extreme calorie burn, the mysterious freezing treatments seem to be a constant source of debate: Do they, or don’t they really work?

Whether you believe the hype or not, there must be something inspiring loyal fans to purchase memberships to these nitrogen meccas for upwards of $500 per month. And with a few trips to the chamber and a facial or two under my belt, I can confidently say I’m a believer, especially after watching my waist whittle and skin beam after a couple of weeks braving the cold. It’s no surprise, with zero downtime and countless studios popping up coast to coast, that brides are embracing the trend and bringing their wedding party along for the ride.


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