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The CryoBar  – my lifesaver!!!

I am a competitive bodybuilder who first experienced cryotherapy while almost 16 weeks into preparation for my first competition of the year. I was extremely fatigued and had multiple soft tissue issues. After only my third chill, I immediately felt a dramatic increase in my energy. In addition, my sleep improved and my soft tissue issues were not as severe, evidencing better recovery. The changes were so noticeable that I chilled everyday up to my competition and it made life so much more bearable!! Now that I am finished competing for the year, I still chill everyday (except when I use the infrared sauna) to recover from my offseason training. Looking for better recovery and a reduction in inflammation, join me at The CryoBar West Loop for a Chill! In addition to cryotherapy, the West Loop team is the best! Always professional, well informed, and helpful.

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