September Chiller of the Month: Kip

The CryoBar has become part of my routine…..actually part of our routine. My wife Sarah is also a regular, and our daughter, Ferrill, gets a kick out of watching us chill. Since becoming “Cryo-Committed” 4 months ago, I feel and sleep better. Minor post work out aches and pains vanish after a chill. There is a relaxing wind down value to doing a Cryo session after a long day at the office. The CryoBar team is terrific… smart, cool and accommodating people who make it work and make it fun. THX to Sara and Swayne for bringing The CryoBar to the neighborhood!

Labor Day Weekend Hours:
Saturday, September 2nd, 9am-4pm**
**Fall Saturday Hours are Back!**
Sunday, September 3rd: Closed
Monday, September 4th: Closed

September Specials:
Labor Day Special 9/1 – 9/8
$25 OFF 5 pack-$275 (online code LABORDY175)
$50 OFF 10 pack-$500 (online code LABORDY1710)

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