“We Tried It, Cryotherapy, the Denver Broncos Favorite Recovery Treatment”

Want to chill with the pros? The Denver Broncos swear by cryotherapy – come check out The CryoBar for yourself!

Stepping into a -220 ° F chamber may not be your ideal way to start the morning. It certainly isn’t mine, but for others, this is part of their daily routine. Cryotherapy was originally started by the Japanese to help treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. It then carried over to the United States where it gained popularity in treating recovery for professional athletes, and is now open to the everyday person. With many professional teams such as the Chicago Cubs and Dallas Mavericks who purchased their own cryotherapy machines, the original ice bath seems to be becoming an outdated technique. So what is cryotherapy? It is a two to three-minute process that involves freezing liquid nitrogen into gaseous form with temperatures that can go as low as -300 °F that cool the body down.Cryotherapy is mainly used for recovery and pain; however Hollywood seems to be changing that.

First things first you should know about 5280 Cryo and Recover Clinic is that they started using cryotherapy chambers in 2012 and were one of the first and only cryotherapy businesses to open in Colorado. The Denver Broncos are full-time customers, and Dr. Tuchscherer makes sure to help figure out what is causing the aches and pains in your body, rather than taking your money and having you go straight into the chamber. If you are already in pain and think that cryotherapy will cure everything, Dr. Tuchscherer says that is definitely not what you should be expecting.

“A big point that I think does need to be made from a medical standpoint is that we are not treating that condition, but we are helping you reduce inflammation which ultimately reduces the pain and discomfort that you are in, said Dr. Tuchscherer. So, basically to go in and expect to lose weight, have better skin, and feel less stressed is not what Hollywood has set it up to be. ”They will get hammered with the FDA at some point on that side because it is false advertising. For some people, it’s a great side effect. If that happens for you, fantastic!”

However, Hollywood may be onto something. Even though it is a side effect for some people, there is a reasoning behind it. “When you think about it from a cellulite standpoint. The whole thing is with the tissue is that there are area’s that contract and relax, so basically what happens is when you tighten up that area, everything’s a little lax (relaxed) and you get dimples in through there and that’s the cellulite. So when you go through cyro it starts to tighten that up it and takes away that component,” said Dr. Tuchscherer. When it comes to reducing stress, Dr. Tuchscherer explained the cryotherapy is supposed to help decrease cortisol levels which is a stress hormone. With the boosting your metabolism myth, it’s from your body having to work to heat itself again, but as Dr. Tuchscherer  explained, “anything can help start your metabolism, drinking a cold glass of water from the start of your day is just as effective.”


Source: 303 Magazine

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