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Using Cryotherapy to Achieve the Perfect Glow

Cryotherapy Perfect Glow

How Cryo can get you to a place where you’re loving your skin

Photo by Rafaella Mendes Diniz on Unsplash

Don’t you just hate it when you get an amazing night’s sleep and still wake up with dark brown eye-bags?

Or when everything can be going perfect and then- ugh- pesky zit, the “un-poppable” kind (of course, in the most obvious spot, too) There goes my week.

Red, irritated, puffy, or just plain wrinkly. We’ve all had our moments when it comes to our skin, and I’ve had all of them at once, trust me.

Now that summer is here our skin is even more at risk of getting that leathery-dry appearance and sun irritation.

In order to combat all the annoying skin issues I was facing, I started doing more cryo toning facials and even did a few CryoSkin facial sessions. I have to say, they are some of the most valuable treatments I could have added to my skincare routine.

I’ve been able to kiss a good portion of those bags under my eyes goodbye. My skin feels softer, suppler, and I was also able to take control of the redness I usually got around my nose. The best part was saying bye to those lines that were forming around my mouth, though! Here’s why you should add cryotherapy to your skin care regimen too.

The CryoBar

Cryo toning facials are similar to whole body technology in that they also use vaporized nitrogen to cool the temperature of your skin. The difference is that a cryo toning facial lasts ten minutes and sweeps over the areas of your hair, face, neck, and chest at various temperature levels.

The cold feels amazing on the scalp and I know a lot of people who have used the facials as a remedy for their migraines. Aesthetically, it can improve the rate of your hair growth and lead to thicker locks by increasing blood flow.

The vaporized nitrogen is immediately invigorating, especially on the face and chest. The facial continuously sweeps in upward motions and circles around the eyes. Because of the stimulation of blood flow, the skin produces more collagen, creating a firmer and tighter look. Vasoconstriction also causes the pores to shrink up and become smaller.

The cold itself is the ultimate healer of inflammation. Puffiness around the eyes is reduced in as little as one session.

Because inflammation reacts so well to the cold, the facial is often used as a way to decrease the appearance of skin conditions that manifest themselves in swelling and redness. Clients with psoriasis, eczema, chronic hormonal acne, rosacea, and more use cryo facial to dim the effects of these conditions.

When done consistently, a cryo facial can make significant changes to your skin. Without taking up an entire block of your schedule, the facial is the perfect way to give yourself ten minutes of zen.

CryoSkin facials are another great way to rejuvenate your skin

The CryoBar

If you haven’t seen the last blog post on CryoSkin 3.0 technology, then you should definitely check it out! In addition to the slimming and toning settings, CryoSkin has amazing facial abilities.

While the cryo toning facial is particularly beneficial in reducing signs of skin inflammation, CryoSkin’s non-invasive system is comparable to an instant facelift. I’ve done CryoSkin facials plenty of times and am impressed after every session. In one treatment alone, my skin texture is noticeably smoother. The smile lines around my mouth which are typically deep-set seem less pronounced, and my eyes are lifted.

CryoSkin technology is sophisticated in its abilities to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin by means of vasoconstriction. This makes it extremely beneficial for the presence of fine lines and wrinkles. Focusing on the neck and face, the facial encompasses the areas where we are most prone to the visible signs of aging.

The CryoSkin facial is also great for diminishing scars over time due to its advanced ability to enhance blood flow and skin cell rejuvenation. If your primary concern with your skin is combating the signs of aging, CryoSkin would be the best facial to opt for. Check out the results of this client below.

The CryoBar Facebook Gallery

While you may see change after only one twenty-minute treatment, it is typically suggested that a client do between three and five for the max benefits. While it’s impossible to stop the process of aging, the CryoSkin facial is able to give you results that last weeks.

This facial is perfect for you to improve your skin’s texture and to see a firmer face. I switch between the normal cryo toning facial and the CryoSkin facial often. I especially do the CryoSkin facial if I’m preparing for a big event or if my skin is particularly struggling.

Photo by Linh Ha on Unsplash

Make sure to take advantage of our CryoSkin Deluxe special. You can get 5 CryoSkin treatments AND 3 infrared sauna sessions for $1350. That’s basically three free sauna sessions, in addition to the reduced price of your CryoSkin facials! Check out our other blog on the benefits of the infrared sauna if you’re wondering about how great they also are for your skin.

You may also purchase our awesome cryotherapy beauty special, where you get three cryo toning facials and three whole body cryotherapy sessions for only $300. It’s a pretty amazing deal.

You can step into any CryoBar location for your ten-minute cryo toning facial. However, we currently only offer CryoSkin at our Bucktown and West Loop locations. To book your appointment follow this link.

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