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Vogue: Why a Cryotherapy Facial Is the Best Way to Brighter, Tighter Skin

Vogue Cryotherapy

Kate Branch of Vogue shares:

“How’s the ice facial?” my husband Will texted me the other day. He meant to write “Cryo Facial,” the next big trend in anti-aging that, via blasts of cold vapor and light therapy, is meant to boost cell rejuvenation and collagen as well as plump the face, but I didn’t bother to correct him. I was still flying high from my 45 minutes with medical aesthetician Elena Wawrzynski, which included a microdermabrasion session, LED light therapy, and yes, freezing, ice-cold air—like negative 225 degrees Fahrenheit freezing—blown across my forehead, cheeks, neck, and chin. I wasn’t going to let a little thing like semantics ruin my chill. But, to answer his question, let’s take it back to earlier that day.


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